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  • Improving Healthcare is a TEAM Sport!

    Welcome to Innova Healthcare Services, Inc. Our success is built on optimizing the delivery of patient care services.  We work with all of the stakeholders in the care delivery process.  Our unique solutions are customized for your specific needs.  We looking forward to discussing how we can help your organization.

    All of our assignments are built around your unique needs.  We look forward to showing you how we can enhance patient care systems, optimize coding & reimbursement, develop & implement staff training programs, manage patient care needs or build new clinical programs.


    • Chronic Medical Condition Programs
    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Service Line Extension Opportunities
    • Patient Experience Programs
    • Three Channel Marketing
    • Legal & Regulatory Review

    The Innova Healthcare Team

    Learn how our "Integrated Care" Team can help your organization grow...

    Click on the "Read More" button below for information on our team of healthcare professionals.  All of our team members are available to help you in the development of unique solutions for your healthcare organization....